Acrylic Sealer

  • Acrylic sealer is the next step in asphalt driveway sealer. With significantly lover VOC’s our product is designed to dry faster, last longer and is dramatically safer for the environment

Crack Filling

  • small cracks damaged by the elements can lead to larger cracks even washout underneath your driveway leading to large depressions on your driveway. With our condensed rubberized filler you can put a stop to the elements and with its elasticity it will shift with your driveway during both the winter cold and summer heat.

Large Crack Filling

  • for larger cracks we use a similar rubberized filler that is mixed with a silica like sand substance providing that extra sturdiness for those larger openings.

Oil/Gas Damage Repair

  • oil damage, not only a huge eyesore, but can lead to your asphalt turning to mush and ripping out right before your eyes. We treat this damage by first removing surface chemicals and then protecting the surface with our sealer. Not only does this give your driveway time to heal but our sealer can repel damaging liquids for up to 72 hours! So if it happens again all you need to do is wash it off the surface preventing any future damage.

Small Patches

  • small divots and potholes can be filled with multiple products depending on their depth.

No Mess Guarantee!

  • not only is our product environmentally friendly but it is designed to only stick to asphalt. With careful evaluation of each job even if a mistake is made (because we know nobody is perfect) just a little water and that mess disappears right before your eyes.

Manufacturer Warranty

  • going through thousands of litres annually it is unavoidable to suffer the occasional manufacturer defect. But we know that this is not the customers problem. That’s why we stand behind our product and if your driveway suffers and defects we’ll come back and fix the problem at no charge to you.