About GDS

The Right People, The Right Product, The Right Price!

Guardian Driveway Sealing (GDS), is led by a dedicated and passionate team who have worked around the world. Our combined experience and service has allowed us to engineer a new method of asphalt sealing application.


Our Acrylic Polymer is environmentally, human, and pet friendly.  Using our products give you peace of mind know that there are no health concerns, government restrictions, or hazards to be concerned about. Use products that contain up to 95% of recycled materials, no nasty smells, and very low volatile organic compound (VOC).

100% No Mess Guarantee!

Our 100% no mess guarantee means there will be clean and crisp edges to your parking lot and no markings on close-by surfaces.  Other products are impossible to remove from sidewalks or curbs; however, GDS’s careful evaluation and application of each job plus attention to detail ensures a flawless application.


GDS and our manufacturer stand proudly behind our Acrylic Polymer sealant.  If your seal suffers any defects we’ll come back and fix the problem at no charge to you. Depending on the service provided our warranty extends between 1 – 3 years.